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Online Tutoring Service for Grades K-8th.

Overcome Your Education Challenges with our certified teachers.

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Our Tutoring Services

STUDEBUDDIES is an online tutoring service for students in grades K-8. Our certified teachers offer hourly, weekly, or monthly sessions in all subjects to help students succeed in their academic goals.

English Tutoring

Our English tutors are here to help students improve their reading, writing, and comprehension skills. We offer personalized sessions to meet each student's unique needs.

History Tutoring

From world history to American history, our history tutors will help students understand the past and its impact on the present. We make learning history engaging and fun.

Science Tutoring

Our science tutors will guide students through complex scientific concepts, experiments, and problem-solving. We aim to help students develop a love for science and build their critical thinking skills.

Math Tutoring

Our math tutors will help students develop a strong foundation in math concepts and problem-solving skills. We make math fun and accessible for all students.


Read what parents and students say about their experience with STUDEBUDDIES.

“STUDEBUDDIES has been a game-changer for my daughter's education. She struggled with math, but her tutor's patience and dedication helped her improve her grades and confidence.”

Lisa, Parent

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