Buy Textbooks

Beat the expensive lines at your campus bookstores

STUD-E-BUDDIES allows you to buy and sell your used books. You can also sell any of your course materials. Ex. clickers, calculators, guides and more…


Ways to save money on textbooks:


1. Buy Used

Buying a used textbook is the easiest and quickest way to save money. The key is to make sure you are buying a book that is in reasonable condition. The search tool listed above includes the price of both new and used books. The best used book price came in at $52.87. The seller,, listed the condition of the book as “good” without additional details.


2. Share

Finally, considering sharing the textbook with a classmate and splitting the cost. While sharing adds some level of inconvenience, it’s the quickest way to cut your textbook costs in half.

The LA Times article noted above reported that textbook costs topped $1,000 per year, according to Cal State officials. Reducing that cost by half represents a significant cost savings.